Mohammad Ghazali: Night Is

Saturday February 7 – Fridays March 4, 2015

11:00 – 19:30 Daily

Ag Galerie is proud to announce the exhibition of recent works by Mohammad Ghazali, titled “Night Is”.
For Mohmmad Ghazali darkness, night, blindness and randomly selected visions are, paradoxically, metaphors of clarity and insight. The blind and cold eyes of the monumental sculptures in Where the Heads of the Renowned Rest, the blind and randomly taken images of Bad and Worse, the partially erased photographs of Tehran A Little to the Right and the dying light of Night Is…, throw the illuminating light by which all that is hidden and concealed comes forth. In the series Night Is…, the light emanating from within the box, turns in time, like a living organism, dark and blind. The fulcrum of the light box is the metaphor of the artist’s creative vision, the incandescent moment of inspiration, the inner light of creativity, and the substantive energy that is evanescent and perishes. The images that remain accessible are the ones lit from without – the archeological record of the inner inspiration or the proof of a once fery inner vision that has in time turned distant and inaccessible to all, including to the artist himself. The dark box is now to be reinvented and restructured from the outside, relative to its transparent model, by readers. This darkness engenders a diegetic process of interpretation and diparate ontological readings. The images of Night Is…, lit from within and without, measure the distance between the artist and the world, they measure the relation between the known and the unknown, between the world of the artist’s vision and innumerous enduring epiphanies. Each and every one of these photographs acknowledges that there are multiple universes abutting each other and that Ghazali is the galactic traveler.1

– Dr. Abbas Daneshvari

Ag Galerie : #43 South Azodi St., Karim Khan St., Tehran, Iran