Homayoun Sirizi: Thirty-One Years, Less One Day

(On the Tenth Anniversary of Bahman Jalali’s Passing)

Wednesday January 15, 2020 – Friday February 24, 2020

Gallery hours: 12-21

Ag Galerie is pleased to present Homayoun Sirizi’s first solo exhibition titled, “Thirty-One Years, Less One Day (On the Tenth Anniversary of Bahman Jalali’s Passing)”.
On January 14th, 1971, the Shahyad Aryamehr Building opens to the public. On January 15th, 2010, the Iranian art community mourns the passing of Bahman Jalali and on January 16th, 1978, Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlavi, leaves Iran never to return again.
That which connects these three consecutive dates over three decades of Iran’s tumultuous history, is a photograph made by Bahman Jalali on a date thirty-one years less one day day after which he passed away.
I saw Bahman Jalali only once thriteen years ago. He generously gave me his unseen photographs of the Imposed War to be used in my project titled “The Exhibition of Photographs of a Possible War” held at 13 Vanak Gallery.
Now that thriteen years have passed since my last exhibition at 13 Vanak Gallery, the memory of Bahman Jalali is still alive in my mind as is the possibility of “A Possible War”.
The exhibition “Thirty-One Years, Less One Day” is a memorial for the tenth anniversary of the passing of Bahman Jalali as well as the historiography of the seizure of a monument of power by the people. This is also my first exhibition at Ag Galerie which makes me proud to welcome you to the opening on Wednesday.
Homayoun Sirizi

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